The John Kender diet for Trichotillomania

I have used the John Kender Diet on and off for years. I cheat a bit and focus mainly on cutting out all caffine and limiting my sugar and egg yolk intake. Whenever I stick to this diet plan I notice a decrease in my pulling. I am going to work extra hard to follow this diet along with NAC, inositol, and SAMe. I think together I can finally beat this.


I have recently just started following this diet that I found on
I’m not sure if it will work but im going to give it a go and see how it effects my urges ect. 

In the late 90s, John Kender found success by eliminating certain foods from his trichster daughter’s diet, to see which foods increased her urges to pull her hair. Since then many others have kept detailed food diaries, testing certain foods against their urges. Many people have stopped pulling completely by following the John Kender diet Alone.

The basis of the JK diet is that people with trichotillomania seem to experience irritation and itchiness from Malassezia, a naturally occurring skin and stomach yeast. The foods on the right hand side of the table are known to increase the skin yeast, Malassezia.


Sugars &…

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