Pull Free: Day 3

I’m still going strong. I have not pulled in three days.  My hands have been wandering to my eyes to feel the new growth.  I am not used to feeling anything there. Whenever I did I would just pull it out.  Now as soon as I notice, I stop myself.  My goal for today is to keep busy and find ways to keep my hands off my face.  I am also going to try putting on a mixture of castor oil and olive oil on my eyes to help speed the growth and keep me from pulling. I will use this at night, as I can’t put on my makeup with this mixture.  My thoughts are that the oil will keep me from pulling as all the hairs are too slimy. I also need to stay focused on my diet.  It’s been hard for me to stay away from sugar.


I just started thinking about trich like this. I have spent so much time and energy pulling. Now I need to spend as much time and energy focused on my recovery if I expect long term results. This is no fad diet-I want the weight to stay off so to speak…

1 Year No Trichs

I always laugh when someone eats right and exercises for 1 whole week and expect to see a sudden change.  I ask them “How long did it take you to get all of that weight?  So how long do you think it will take to get rid of it?”.

This is the very reason why I try to document my feelings on my weakness.  Over the years I have put an overabundance of energy into my picking habit, so it is imperative that I expend just as much energy to quit. It is so exhausting.  Why does something so stupid have to be so hard.  Why do I have to be the person who is addicted to pulling out my own lashes and brows. It feels so unfair sometimes.  It’s not ok. I know I’m beautiful and want to be as beautiful as I can.  My husband once asked me…

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Coconut Oil

Follow up:  Okay 5 days ago I wrote about how I was going to use coconut oil and castor oil to moisturize my hair and help it grow.  Well in my research I came upon this article and now I am thinking maybe coconut oil may not be so great, but I’m still going to give it a try.  It’s cheap and I already ordered it so why not.  I will let you know I how I fair with these products. I don’t expect a cure for anything, just some help with my dry, dull hair.  So I guess it’s all about expectations. I just hope it doesn’t give me a major allergic reaction that causes my head to itch like crazy. I will try not to put it right on my scalp…

In the mean time, some things to ponder:

1) Why there are so many people talking about it and its supposedly being so good… yet… it has not been firmly established as a one definite cure

2) If the Virgin Coconut Oil is so good as alleged to be,  then why there are still so many people still searching for (more) answers for their problem -after their first impression / belief that ‘it’ ‘finally’… ‘helps’?

3) How can anyone claim with certainty that taking it internally for x amount of time can have an effect – yet they are still looking for additional products and /or answers instead of ‘ It’ being declared as the SOLUTION we are so desperate for???



After using coconut oil for several months, I feel I can access my experience with it.  The coconut oil makes my hair feel soft and very moisturized for about a week after use.  I usually use it when I am having a rough time.  I load it in my dry hair, put my hair in a bun and leave it in for hours.  It’s so slippery that it make hard to pull.  I find it to be a great deterrent from pulling while it is on my head.  I have also learned that washing it out requires some very thorough washing.  The first time I used it, I just shampooed like normal and was left with greasy hair and scalp.  This of course irritated me and actually caused me to pull.  Now I know how to wash it out, so I do not have that problem.  I have not found that my hair grows any faster with the coconut oil.  I think it fits into a category of a very nice deep conditioner.  I have also found it to be a nice light moisturizer.  It is greasy when first applied, but it absorbs pretty quickly into my skin.

The Whole Picture

Its not just about resisting the urge and not pulling.  Trying to stop pulling is a holistic process. It is all about getting enough sleep, being kind to yourself, eating healthy,finding balance, not procrastinating. The most important part is being kind to yourself. Kindness, self-compassion, and acceptance are very important for recovery from any condition.

In My Toolbox

balance in all areas-I journal to reflect on what is most important and where everything else should fall

I rely on God to give me strength to push through the hard times and trust that He has a wonderful plan for my life

lower stress level by taking on less responsibilities-this is easier right now as I am not working

express my emotions don’t suppress them

communicate how I feel using the strategies used in therapy

sleep 8 hours each night

fiddle toys in all my usual spots so I can always grab one

wear a barrier

blog about my journey through the recovery process

use online support groups

keep a calendar showing # of good day and a chart showing pulling patterns

follow the John Kender Diet

keep a food diary

take prescribed medication for depression and anxiety

take NAC, inositol, methanonine, B-6, calcium, magnesium, zinc, DHA, vitamins A & C

wash hair with Nizoral shampoo

soak hair in coconut oil and castor oil

cold washcloth over my eyes