The Whole Picture

Its not just about resisting the urge and not pulling.  Trying to stop pulling is a holistic process. It is all about getting enough sleep, being kind to yourself, eating healthy,finding balance, not procrastinating. The most important part is being kind to yourself. Kindness, self-compassion, and acceptance are very important for recovery from any condition.

In My Toolbox

balance in all areas-I journal to reflect on what is most important and where everything else should fall

I rely on God to give me strength to push through the hard times and trust that He has a wonderful plan for my life

lower stress level by taking on less responsibilities-this is easier right now as I am not working

express my emotions don’t suppress them

communicate how I feel using the strategies used in therapy

sleep 8 hours each night

fiddle toys in all my usual spots so I can always grab one

wear a barrier

blog about my journey through the recovery process

use online support groups

keep a calendar showing # of good day and a chart showing pulling patterns

follow the John Kender Diet

keep a food diary

take prescribed medication for depression and anxiety

take NAC, inositol, methanonine, B-6, calcium, magnesium, zinc, DHA, vitamins A & C

wash hair with Nizoral shampoo

soak hair in coconut oil and castor oil

cold washcloth over my eyes

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