Preventative Measures

  • be aware of triggers-hormones, stress, sugar, allergies…
  • use food journal
  • don’t let stress, boredom, or negativity get to me
  • get up more around, change what I am doing
  • use relaxation strategies-pray, bath, exercise, deep breathing, blog…
  • don’t get close to the mirror
  • don’t admire new growth
  • continue diet and supplements
  • wash face each night & whenever triggered
  • redo makeup
  • scratch head with tool other than my hand
  • wear barriers when home
  • keep hands off of eyes: if touching use only finger

Just Keep Swimming

Well I made it four days pull free…and then IT caught up with me.  The urge has slowly been building as my new lashes and brows are very irritating.  Last night I tried using some coconut oil to sooth the itching and deter me from pulling.  I think that just made the irritation worse.  I have kept up with the John Kender diet and supplements, which has helped with my scalp more than my lashes and brows.  I am still PF on my scalp, and don’t have have the urge to pull from my head (a major change from my usual pattern). 

Unfortunately the urge to pull from my lashes and brows is not going away.  It did for a few days, but then it continued to build the longer I went without pulling.  This is usually what happens.  Its like a volcano building pressure until it bursts.  It usually starts with one involuntary pull that sets off the explosion.  All the pent up energy and suppressed urges just comes flying out at once and it is 100x as hard as normal to resist (when it is hard to resist normally). 

Well this is what happened this morning.  I was involved a very stressful application process on the computer and although I was wearing band-aids, I pulled an eyebrow.  After this I lost control for a few minutes and pulled out a significant amount of my new growth.  I stopped myself before ruining all my progress or moving to my head.  I am very disappointed, but I will just keep plugging on.

My goal is to finish the day off without pulling anymore.  I know this is going to be a long process.  As long as the number of good days I have each month keeps increasing, than I am on my way to recovery.  Although I am tempted to wallow, I will not fall into the pit.  I will follow Dory’s advice and just keep swimming.