My Trich Supplements


March-April 1200mg

May-Aug 15 2400mg

Aug 16 begin 3600mg

Inositol Powder:

Week 5 Aug 3-9 (12 g/day)

Week 6 Aug 10-16 (18g/day) full dose

Methanonine/SAMe+ magnesium, calcium, zinc

SAMe 200mg Aug 14

SAMe 400mg Aug 21

SAMe 400mg + 1000 methanonine Aug 28

SAMe 400mg + 2000 methanonine Sept 7

SAMe 200mg + 3000 methanonine Sept 14

Oct 1: 3000 mg methanonine, no SAMe


Calcium 1000mg (100% daily value)

Magnesium 400mg (100% daily value)

Zinc 15mg (100% daily value)

Probiotic -10 strains, 25 billion organisms

B-6 100 mg (5,000% daily value)

A 10,000IU (200% daily value)

(note: high doses of vitamin A for extended periods of time are harmful and not recommended)

DHA 500mg

EPA 250 mg

Biotin 10,000mcg

C 1,000mg (only 2x/week)

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