Are you in love?

Well said, I am also “in love with the Lover of my soul”. I couldn’t imagine going through this life without knowing God’s love and grace. It is a personal, unconditional, and evey present love. God is love and when I feel this and see it’s power in my life I can’t help, but be overcome by the awesomeness of it all. Jesus loves me so much He would’ve done it all just for me. Francis Chan’s writes about this in his book Crazy Love.

Kidd Clan Chronicles


I’m in love. News to you? Shouldn’t be. See, I’m in love with God. And because I’m in love with God, everyone everywhere who knows me should be aware of that. It’s kind of mandatory that I shout from the rooftops my love for Him. One should never question whether a Christian is a Christian. The love we have for our Jesus should ooze from our pores. It should flow into every conversation we have. It should consume our every waking thought. That love we have for Him should overtake our lives in such a way that no one could ever question our allegiance.

Does all this sound a little crazy? Perhaps a bit radical? It is! The love I have for my Savior is crazy and radical. Wanna know why? Because His love for me is crazy and radical. His love for me is immense. His love for me…

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