Keep On Keepin’ On

I’m feeling good with two completely pull free days under my belt and 16 PF days on my scalp.  The urge to pull from my scalp has not returned.  This is a miracle after 10 years without a break from the gnawing irritation.

I am continuing the NAC at 3600mg.  I am lowering my inositol to 12g (from 18g) per day, as I am increasing my l-methionine.  The John Kender diet has also proven to be very helpful.  The days I did pull from my eyes, I saw a direct correlation to sugar the day before.

I have learned that my urge goes way up after caffeine, sugar, egg yolks, and peanut butter. I am still learning what I can eat and what triggers urges.  Keeping the food journal has been tedious, but enlightening.  It has also been hard to cut out caffeine and limit my sugar.

My sugar ‘withdrawal’ is starting to wear off and I’m not craving it so much.  The first two weeks were really tough.  I hoping that it will get even better, as I still day dream about chocolate and soda. It is so worth it though!  I’ve dreamed of a full head of hair and long lashes for twenty years. 🙂

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