One Week

I have been pull free for one week.  I have been agitated the last few days and am using all my tricks to keep from pulling.  So far so good.  My scalp feels so much better after a week without pulling.  I still have the urge to pull, but I don’t feel like my skin is crawling or sore.

Reasons for Success:

I think there are several factors contributing to my recent improvement.

1.  I started charting my pulling again on March 1st.  I had stopped charting several months ago when my pulling escalated.  Watching the high numbers had been depressing so I just avoided recording my lack of progress.  This denial seemed to feed into my pulling.  Starting to chart made me more aware of the pulling and held me accountable.  For the first week the numbers were very high, but slowly they came down until I had a pull free day.

2. I have been consistently taking 1200mg of NAC, 1000mg of Methionine, and probiotics for about 1 month.  I have been taking  about 12 grams of Inositol each day for the past two week. I think being consistent with these supplements has really helped.  Before this I was only taking them sometimes, due to some stomach problems aggravated by any supplements.

3. I have also been better about my diet.  I strictly avoid caffeine, nuts, egg yolks, tuna, raisins, soy, and salsa as these are all major triggers for me.  I also try to keep my sugar intake below 20g. I don’t notice any issues until I go over 20 grams.  Some people are more sensitive to sugar.