Easter Candy is My Nemises

I have always loved Easter and everything about it including the candy.  With a major sweet tooth and weakness for chocolate, it seemed fitting to indulge on this day of celebration.  That was until I started following the John Kender diet after learning that sugar and chocolate literally cause me to pull out my hair.

In the past eight months I have made major changes in my diet, but it is far from perfect.  I still eat things I know I shouldn’t from time to time and I always regret these choices when I am battling intense urges.  It is harder to resist the sweets I so love when they are right in front of me, say when I am packing Easter baskets or when there is leftover candy that just didn’t fit in the baskets.  At least the candy is gone now, so I can detox from all of this sugary madness.  Its crazy how fast the sugar cravings come back once you start eating it again.  If I can just get through a few days with no sugar things will be much better…no more cravings or sugar induced urges and pulling.

Considering my sugar intake, April has been off to a less than stellar start.  My scores for the first 10 days of April are:

6-5-7-2-2-2-1-7-7-3 (5 good days and 5 bad days)

My April goal is to have more good days than I did in March, so I need to kick some trich butt for the rest of the month.

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