The Curly Girl Method

I have curly, frizzy, dry, puffy hair that drives me nuts. I have tried so many products to try and tame my hair and give me nice curls. I have also damaged my hair with hair dye and straightening. All of this damage and kinky hair drives me nuts. It’s one factor that leads to my pulling.

Well I’ve been feeling especially bad about my hair lately as my bald patches are growing and have been increasingly hard to hide. Also they make the summer months difficult as I try to avoid sunburn on my scalp (that is a terrible experience for anyone, but especially so for a trichster).

After hearing about the ‘curly girl method’ from various sources, I decided to give it a try.  I’m hoping to revive my curls and at the same time hopefully decrease my urge to pull or at least help me like something about my hair.

To get started I went on YouTube and Pinterest and searched  the curly girl method. I learned that it all started with a book titled Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorainne Massey. I got the kindle version and have been reading it. I’ve skipped around a bit as I was eager to get started and figured I could learn the finer points as I go.

Some videos I found on YouTube were especially helpful. They are posted by waterlily716. The link below is a video that gives a great overview and helped me get started.

How to Manage Curly Hair: The Curly Girl Method

My Hair: Day 1 of curly girl method

My daughter’s hair: Day 1 (I love her curls!)

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