25 Things people with Trich are Sick of Hearing

This is a great post about the top 25 things we are sick of hearing about trich. I related to each one of these.

Kylie and Kit Review It

This post has been inspired by the many things we trichsters have to listen to on a daily basis, and we really are just sick of hearing. If you’re not sure what trichotillomania is yet, you can read THIS POST for an in depth description, but it’s basically a Disorder in which the sufferer pulls hair from various locations without being able to control it.

1. Stop.
This simple one word sentence is the worst. If it was really as simple as that, I wouldn’t have ever suffered from trichotillomania to begin with. We want to stop but it’s not that easy. This isn’t something you can just wake up one day, decide you don’t want to have trich anymore, and magically overcome it and move on. This is our real life, if we had the choice we wouldn’t have chose to have this disorder.
This one is especially hard…

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