I Want to Tell The World

Thanks for this great post about bipolar disorder and weight loss. Both of these books are now on my summer reading list. Between 4 babies, medication that caused weight gain, and an extremely sluggish metabolism due to lithium induced hypothyroidism 😳, I have an extra 15-20 pounds that needs to go. Also a clean diet with ‘good foods’ under the John Kender diet helps reduce my pulling and urges and exercise helps my moods. It’s all interconnected. Healthy body, mind, and soul. ❤️😊🌹

Dyane Harwood

Tell The World by Dave Dobbyn, one of my favorite singers

(Of course he’s from New Zealand!)

Dear Friends,

I want to tell the world about two memoirs I loved reading…

I want to tell the world about my new favorite dessert…

and it’s not chocolate! 



(Be grateful for my restraint – I resisted posting 10 more pictures of adorable animals!)

I want to tell the world that since I started using the free Lose It! app I’ve lost over twenty pounds! 

I’m no longer carrying the equivalent of this barbell around & that definitely agrees with me.


When I was diagnosed with postpartum bipolar disorder at thirty-seven, I began compulsive overeating to self-medicate. I went up and down with my weight depending on whether I was depressed or manic.

Medications played a part in my weight gain as well – I tried 25+ meds and some of them played…

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