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I love this post. It speaks to the theme of letting go of hurts and choosing to be resilient. You cannot always control your circumstances, but you certainly control how you react to them. I choose to let go, forgive, and be positive as I look forward.

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Hello, I hope everyone enjoyed their day today.  I was actually home from work, again taking care of,  well nothing.  It was a mental health day. lol  It was a beautiful day.  The leaves on the trees were electrified by the sunlight, the air was warm and embracing but not suffocating, and I felt human, like I haven’t in a long time.  It felt good to be away from work.  I appreciate the time winding down and can’t wait  until I don’t have to go in. 

Anyways it’s after midnight again, and I just had to write about the human emotions and just how fragile we are from the very beginning. It’s been on my mind all day.  Now right before I go to bed it’s like an alarm so I am here, again.

I think about the horrible things that happened to me when I was a child.  Not…

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Prayer for Self-Control

Heavenly Father,

I pray that you will plant self-control in me so that I grow up like a tree rooted in your strength.  Lord, please help me reign in my passions, desires and emotions, and make them subject to your Spirit. Please focus my eyes on you that I may avoid falling into my freshly impulses.

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Allow me to display self-control when temptations draw near. Make me pure, holy, and true to You when satan tries to intervene.

Give me peace of mind, body, and soul so that I remain focused on You and Your word daily. Let Your word be the bread I crave and need more than the air I breathe.






Reflections on Skin Picking and Hair Pulling - OCD Center of Los Angeles

Reflections on
Skin Picking and Hair Pulling


Suffering usually relates to wanting things to be different from the way they are.

~ Allan Lokos



Everybody suffers. But much of our psychological suffering occurs as a result of our beliefs about how we think life “should”be, or how we would ideally like it to be. Often, it is our over-attachment to these beliefs that turns normal, everyday pain and discomfort into true suffering.

If you have Skin Picking Disorder or Trichotillomania, you may suffer needlessly as a result of this type of over-attachment to certain beliefs. An unwanted blemish or hair (or event or feeling) is not as you wish it would be, which leads to distress, which in turn leads to a picking or pulling episode. This not only worsens the physical consequences of these conditions, but leads to more psychological suffering in the form of hours (or days) of self-loathing during which you spend a great deal of time negatively evaluating yourself and your behavior.

Common negative thoughts might include “I should have been able to overcome the urge to pick or pull”, or “I look so ugly”, or “I am inadequate” or “I am hopeless”. Over time, and with much repetition, these types of thoughts become internalized into an overall negative belief system you have about yourself, which only increases your suffering.

The long-term goal of recovery is to develop more psychological flexibility by making room for all of the imperfections of real life, thus lessening the emotional suffering you experience. Life will never be 100% free of pain and suffering.  In fact, life is full of unavoidable pain, such as the pain we experience with serious illness or injury, or the death of a loved one. However, much of our psychological pain is self-created by thoughts and beliefs that are unhelpful, and which ultimately lead to picking and pulling setbacks.

If you do not measure up to what you think is acceptable, you may ultimately inhibit and prolong your recovery. Alternatively, by accepting all of life, including your imperfections, you will reduce your suffering, and move further down the road of recovery.


1) How often do you get stuck in the trap of judging yourself and your picking and pulling behavior, and not allowing room for imperfection?

2) What specific thoughts do you have after a setback that might increase your suffering?

3) What thoughts might be more helpful in promoting your long-term recovery?


Weekly Tip: When you experience negative self-talk, notice how this increases your suffering, and choose instead to fully accept yourself, including your imperfections.


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Strength to Fight this War

Over my 22 years battle with trich, I have tried and failed time and again to break free. Only in the last 2 years have I finally given it all over to God, realizing I could not do it in my own strength. He has strengthened me far more than all the years I tried to beat trich in my own strength. Although my pulling is not completely gone, my entire outlook on life and my self-worth have changed. I now feel an ever present peace and joy no matter my circumstances. Only God could have transformed my life  in this way.

I believe God does not give us our struggles in this life. They are part of the fallen, sinful world in which we live. However, He wants to fight for us if we simply ask. He wants to lift us up, and strengthen us to win the war with trich and any other struggles we face during our short time here on earth. He will use this terrible disorder for good. God works all things for good, even the worst stumbling blocks the devil can throw at us.


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