Driving me crazy

Pieces of Bipolar

There are two phrases that are increasing being used in my interaction with ordinary folk. And I’m starting to take offense. These are:

-We’re all crazy in our own way
-Nooooo, don’t think like that, we all feel….[insert emotion/bipolar symptom]

We’re all crazy in our own way
Firstly, who mentioned ‘crazy’? Not me. But if we’re gonna go there I’ll take you there. Stop! And shut your mouth. You don’t know crazy. You don’t understand crazy. And you certainly don’t know my crazy. If you knew my crazy, you be lying on the floor in the corner curled up in the foetal postion crying for your mummsie.

I agree we can all be unconventional or unique in our own way -. individuals, eccentric, odd, strange or peculiar. But that by no means entitles you to take my crazy and assume to call it your own with reckless…

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