Anger and Bitterness are Cancers of the Soul


Living with Lukewarm Indifference

1) We’re more concerned with impressing people than living for God.

The things of this world will never fulfill us. If we try to fill the void with money, success, or some earthly dream, it will never be enough.

2) We’re obsessed with life on earth rather than eternity.

2.) Keep your eyes on things of heaven. This world is broken and is not our home. We must follow Jesus and share our faith, but not rely on this world to make us happy.

3) We rationalize sin and live without truly fearing God.

Sin separates us from God. We must repent and ask for His help to follow in His ways. Reverence of God comes from an understanding of His greatness.

4) We believe in Jesus, but we rarely share our faith.

If we really believe we are separated from God by our sin then we would be out letting our light shine all the time.

5) We only turn to God when we need Him.

Only seeking God when we need him and using him as a tool for our problems leads to an indifferent view of God. He needs to be a God we fear and worship.

6) We’re not much different from the world.

How are we different from the world? How do we spend our money, raise our kids, entertain ourselves. We need to be transformed by Jesus and be different because we are not from this world, we are called to more. Are you a full time mom or student or teacher and a part time follower of Christ or a full time follower of Christ who uses His teachings and guidance to for fill other roles in our life?

How do we reignite the fire to pursue Jesus daily? 🔥

Most importantly: every day do something that requires faith daily habits to keep your relationship strong

1. Spend time in the word daily
2.Pray continually 🙏🏻
3.Worship daily
4.Share faith
5.Confess sin

It’s better to hurt with a purpose than to exist without one.

Be diligent, turn from your indifference and turn to Jesus. By doing something that requires faith you become more concerned with what God thinks of you than what people think of you. It will make you bold in spirit. You need him minute by minute and will be transformers because Jesus lives in you.



Hope for Bipolar Depression

Even in our darkest places, we will eventually realize that there is hope to get through our tragedies and hardships. What may seem hopeless one day, will lead into another, that will assure us that depression does not last forever. When we are in the middle of it, we cannot see the light, but upon reflection, many realize that there is room to grow and learn from our experiences, no matter how bleak and dark. I know this to be true when attempting to fight off the darkness that never seems to end.

Depression is an element of bipolar disorder that we can never escape, but it is truly in reaching out for help that will bring us on a journey of recovery and acceptance that makes it okay to not be okay. It is imperative to know that clinical depression is not always triggered by something in particular, and there is often not a ‘reason’ for the experience. We are plainly dealing with a mental illness that often has no specific logical circumstantial indicator. As we travel through the valleys, we just have to remember than one day, we will once again soar into a place of stability and balance. Taking the first step by reaching out may be the most difficult, but it is also one of the most vital decisions that you will ever have to make.

Keep your heads up guys and know that you too are worthy of understanding, acceptance, and empathy. Never be afraid to ask for the help that you so rightfully deserve.

WHO am I?

I am Mommy to four very special kids. They are 10, 6, 4, and 2. I have been married to my soul mate and father of my children for almost 11 years. I was an elementary teacher and am now a tutor for students with a wide range of needs. I love helping others and tutoring is one way I can do that. It is also the reason I started my blog.

I have lived with trichotillomania since age 6. In the past 24 years I have tried every treatment, strategy, medication, and therapy. I still pull, but I use strategies I know work for me. I do hope to overcome this demon, but its presence in my life will not keep me from loving myself and enjoying life. Everyone is fighting some battle or has hurts that we do not see. It is learning to live despite these trials that I find very important.

Personally, I seek recovery while still accepting the reality of trich. There is no right or wrong way to view or live with trich. I simply blog about my experience in hopes of helping others feel less alone.

The Best ACT: Designed for Trich

Trichotillomania: An ACT-enhanced Behavior Therapy Approach Therapist Guide (Treatments That Work)

By Douglas W Woods, Michael P Twohig:


Amazon Product Description
Trichotillomania (TTM) is a complex disorder that is difficult to treat as few effective therapeutic options exist. Behavior therapy has the greatest empirical support, but the number of mental health providers familiar with TTM and its treatment is quite small. This manual was written as a tool for therapists to become familiar with an effective treatment for TTM. The treatment approach described in this guide blends traditional behavior therapy elements of habit reversal training and stimulus control techniques with the more contemporary behavioral elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Unlike traditional interventions that aim to change type or frequency of pulling-related cognitions in the hopes of reducing urges to pull hair, this innovative program uses strategies to change the function of these cognitions. Clients are taught to see urges for what they really are and to accept their pulling-related thoughts, feelings, and urges without fighting against them. This is accomplished through discussions about the function of language and defusion exercises that show the client how to respond to thoughts about pulling less literally. Over the course of 10 weeks, clients learn to be aware of their pulling and warning signals, use self-management strategies for stopping and preventing pulling, stop fighting against their pulling-related urges and thoughts, and work toward increasing their quality of life. Self-monitoring and homework assignments keep clients motivated and engaged throughout. Designed to be used with older adolescents and adults, this innovative intervention has proven efficacy and is sure to be a powerful tool for the clinician who treats TTM.

I blog about my personal struggle with trichotillomania and bipolar disorder. I also discuss helpful strategies, reflections, and treatments.

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