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Pull Free: Day 3

I’m still going strong. I have not pulled in three days.  My hands have been wandering to my eyes to feel the new growth.  I am not used to feeling anything there. Whenever I did I would just pull it out.  Now as soon as I notice, I stop myself.  My goal for today is to keep busy and find ways to keep my hands off my face.  I am also going to try putting on a mixture of castor oil and olive oil on my eyes to help speed the growth and keep me from pulling. I will use this at night, as I can’t put on my makeup with this mixture.  My thoughts are that the oil will keep me from pulling as all the hairs are too slimy. I also need to stay focused on my diet.  It’s been hard for me to stay away from sugar.


Coconut Oil and Castor Oil for Hair Growth

I have read about the benefits of castor oil and coconut oil for hair regrowth.  This is an affordable hair treatment so I ordered some of each and will post my results.

castor oil $6.79

coconut oil $12.95

Here is a great tutorial about using these products:

Using Castor Oil and Coconut Oil to help your hair grow!


In my experience these products do not cause hair to grow faster or thicker.  I would recommend these products for hair conditioning, but that is the extent of their wonder.