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Memory and Trich


I recently learned that some people with Trichotillomania have very specific memory challenges. The area of the brain that is affected by Trichotillomania is quite close to the center for memory, and there is evidence that stress hampers certain types of memory.

For instance, some people have very little directional memory, commonly known as having no sense of direction. Many people with disorders like Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania and eating disorders, have very little memory of their childhood.

I have a terrible direction sense. My husband always says I could get lost in a paper bag..and it’s true. I struggle with memory issues in other ways. I am terrbile with names and song lyrics. When I set things down I forget where I put them. In my classroom, students actually get rewarded if they can find where Mrs. R put her ___ because I do it all the time. I have lost my glasses and keys so many times. This all just causes more stress. Its like a vicious cycle.

I have started playing lumosity to help my brain. I play a lot of memory games and I have seen an improvement. So it is not a lost cause. Although our memory many have some challenges, we can exercise it just like any other part of our body.