Will They Grow Back

One fear I have obsessed about is that my hair, lashes, and/or brows will not grow back.  In a quest to find answer, I fond the following information most helpful.

According to the book “The Hair-Pulling Problem A Complete Guide to Trichotillomania” by Fred Penzel. There is a huge section on hair growth charts and facts. If you haven’t picked up this book I highly recommend it for understanding more about trich.

According to the book, Eyebrows Average Daily Hair Growth Rate Female is 0.16 mm.

Average Daily Rate of Hair Growth by Age and Area- Young Adult Eyebrow 0.14 mm. Mature Adult 0.16 mm.

Time Required for Eyebrows Regrowth of pulled Hairs by Age and Area- Young Adult 65 (days). Mature Adult 56 (days).

Time Required for Regrowth of Pulled Hairs by Area and Sex-
Eyebrows Female 61 Days.

According to the book, although there is not a chart on eyelash growth, it should be noted that eyelashes are the slowest growing hairs on your body, with a daily growth rate of less than 0.16 mm. The follicles tend to go into a telogen, or resting phase following removal of hairs. Also note that these are merely average figures. The actual amount of time it takes for your hair to grow back may differ from the time spans, as hair growth can be affected by many different factors.

According to the book damage beyond re-growth could only occur if infection is in the follicle, this can lead to permanent scarring of follicles, preventing further hair growth. This is more likely to happen as the result of picking at the skin with implements such as needles or tweezers to get at hair roots or ingrown hairs. A hair shaft grows from the papilla, and as long as the papilla has not been seriously damaged or destroyed, hair will continue to grow.

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